Michael Holborn

Senior Software Engineer - Website Inspired by Massive Attack

Major Solutions

Moodmap.app (Sold)

Computer vision platform for mental health focused on ADHD and medication efficacy. Established partnerships with leading companies and reached 400 users within the first month.

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LegalLink (Sold Solution)

LegalTech Automation Platform using React, javascript. Successful trial with top-tier law firms and construction firms in Australia.

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DoggoBox.com.au (Ceased to finish university)

eCommerce Subscription box for pet owners, providing a unique range of dog toys.

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Current Projects in Testing or Developing


Using electrodes to control your computer. Think, neuralink, but without the brain surgery.

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Paint without using a keyboard or mouse. Uses Pupil Movement and EEG headset to control brush movements and generate images.

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Detecting Depression from brainwaves by targetting rumination in the default mode network , and switching the mode network, with by tracking the change with an EEG!

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Network Switch Trainer


Health-focused application designed to improve dermatological care and skin protection.

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Startup metrics platform, providing objectives, key metrics, and structure for startups.

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Account Dashboard Cap Table Creator


Platform for sharing and generosity, enabling users to support and connect with their friends.

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Minor Projects of Work

Traffic Analysis

Exploration of traffic signal coordination analytics and opportunities using advanced data analysis tools.

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Ubik - Buyers Agent Platform

Taking disparate datasets including historical and recent housing information, demographic information, local amenities, and visualizing them in a React application using advanced mapping technologies.

AR Application for Esatta and En el Instituto de Biomecánica

AR application leveraging tensorflow.js and body segmentation models for biomechanical analysis.